Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Bucket List

We all need dreams and aspirations, and writing them down and sharing them is the first step to making our dreams a reality. Penning them transforms our desires from the realm of possibility to the realm of actuality, and by sharing them we create accountability. So with that in mind, I am sharing with all of you my bucket list.

I finally formalized my list that's been swimming around in my head for many years now. It includes my belly dance related goals, as well as what I hope to accomplish in the other aspects of my life. My list is 101 items long, 32 of which I have already completed, and four more of which I hope to be able to check-off by the end of the year. Be sure to see the end of the post for some photo documentation of some of the items I've been able to proudly say I've done. So without further ado...

Belly Dance
  1. Teach a weekly belly dance class, started teaching weekly classes at LA Fitness back in 2010
  2. Become a regular house dancer at a local restaurant, became a regular dance at Spiro's as of 2012
  3. Launch my own business as a professional belly dancer, business launched in 2010
  4. Win a national belly dance title
  5. Own a Bella costume
  6. Attend MECDA's Professional Dance Conference & Retreat
  7. Complete Tamalyn Dallal's week-long teacher training intensive, completed in 2012
  8. Attend GoddessLife belly dance training in Greece, done in 2010
  9. Study belly dancing in Egypt, such as Ahlan Wa Shalan or other festival/study program
  10. Start a belly dance blog, started Sequins & Shimmies in 2010
  11. Audition for So You Think You Can Dance
  12. Join a professional belly dance troupe
  13. Go on a Tamalyn Dallal retreat in Zanzibar
  14. Become Suhaila Salimpour certified

Foreign Travel
15.  See the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, spent 3 weeks in Egypt in 2009
16.  Visit the Hagia Sophia in Turkey
17.  Climb Machu Picchu, Peru
18.  Stand on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, spent 2 weeks in Bolivia in 2000
19.  Walk through the Acropolis in Greece, spent 1 month in Greece in 2010
20.  Visit the Vatican in Italy, spent 3 weeks in Italy in 2011
21.  Walk along the Great Wall of China, spent 3 weeks in China/Hong Kong in 2004
22.  See the Alhambra and the Sagrada Familia in Spain, spent 1 month in Spain/Portugal in 2002
23.  Be transported back in time in Sintra, Portugal, spent 1 month in Spain/Portugal in 2002
24.  See the Taj Mahal in India
25.  Ride the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower in France
26.  Visit Stonehenge in England
27.  Explore the beautiful countryside of Ireland
28.  Visit a temple in Thailand
29.  See an opera in the Sydney Opera House, Australia
30.  Explore the Mayan ruins in Yucatan Peninsula
31.  Go on a safari in Tanzania
32.  Meander through Croatia
33.  Ride the Star Ferry in Hong Kong Harbor, spent 3 weeks in China/Hong Kong in 2004
34.  Drink beer at Ocktoberfest in Germany
35.  See Petra in Jordan
36.  Dance at carnival in Brazil
37.  See Mount Fuji in Japan
38.  Ride a camel in Morocco
39.  See Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
40.  Pretend to be a princess at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland
41.  Discover Swayambhunath in Nepal and Paro Valley, Bhutan
42.  Surf in Costa Rica
43.  Scuba dive in Belize
44.  Stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
45.  Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Education, Certifications, & Non-Belly Dance Career
46.  Get awarded an academic scholarship, was awarded over $19,000 of academic scholarships in 2000 to 2002
47.  Graduate magna cum laud with my Bachelor's degree, graduated with a 3.8 GPA in 2005
48.  Obtain my CPA license, passed on my first try, certified in 2007
49.  Get promoted to audit manager in public accounting, promoted in 2011
50.  Make 40 Under 40
51.  Obtain my nutritionist certification
52.  Start my own nutrition and wellness coaching business
53.  Save $2.6 million for retirement
54.  Get TEFL certification
55.  Obtain yoga certification or personal trainer certification

Adventures & Experiences
56.  Go sky diving
57.  Witness a solar eclipse
58.  Watch the Olympics in person
59.  See Tool in concert
60.  Watch a UFC fight at the MGM Grand
61.  Go to a paint dancing party
62.  Get a tattoo
63.  Walk down Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday of Mardi Gras, went to Mardi Gras in 2000
64.  Get scuba diving certification
65.  Swim with dolphins
66.  Go to Las Olas Surf Camp in Sayulita, Mexico, attended in 2008
67.  Live overseas for a minimum of three months
68.  Ride in a hot air balloon
69.  Walk on fire
70.  Water ski
71.  Spend a night on board the Venice Simpton Orient Express

U.S Travel
72.  Visit the Harry Potter theme park
73.  See a musical on Broadway, done in 2010
74.  Drive the road to Hana in Hawaii, done in 2007, visited both Maui and Oahu
75.  Visit the Smithsonian museums, done in two separate trips in 2005 and 2006
76.  See the Grand Canyon

Physical Abilities
77.  Compete in a triathlon, competed in the Danskin Triathlon in 2004
78.  Finish the Escape from Alcatraz swim
79.  Do the standing splits
80.  Qualify to be a State Championship swimmer, qualified in 1999 and also broke high school swimming record

Spirituality & Volunteering
81.  Hear the Dalai Lama speak
82.  Go on a silent meditation retreat for New Year's
83.  Find my true religion, done throughout 1999 to ~ 2006, learned that not having a religion is my true religion
84.  Get an energy or chakra reading
85.  Meditate for 10 minutes every day for 1 year, done in 2010, still doing to date
86.  Volunteer in a foreign country for a minimum of two weeks
87.  Serve on a non-profit board, served on Village Volunteers board 2009 - 2010

Creativity & Artistic Exploration
88.  Learn to hoop dance
89.  Take an aerial silks class, took class in 2011
90.  Try the flying trapeze, did twice in 2011
91.  Go on a Kimberly Wilson retreat

92.  Be a contestant on Jeopardy
93.  Learn to play the violin, done, started playing at age 10 and have played in multiple school and community orchestras
94.  Be conversationally fluent in a foreign language
95.  Qualify to join Mensa
96.  Write and publish a book
97.  Read a poem at a poetry slam

Family & Home
98.  Marry my life partner in an authentic ceremony using our own vows
99.  Own my own home with French doors that open onto a balcony
100. Adopt a dog
101.Garden in the Queen Pea p-patch, had a patch in 2010

Professional belly dancer performing at a private party
Riding camels in front of the pyramids of Giza
 Attending the GoddessLife belly dance training in Greece
 In front of St. Peters's in Vatican City.
 In the Acropolis in Greece

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Visualize, Embody, Transform

Countless times it's been said that a picture's worth a thousand words. Amazing images keep falling into my lap this month. Images that inspire and uplift me. Images that make me want to create, dance, and transform. I am compelled to share.

All images speak differently to each viewer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What do the images below say to you? How can you envelop them into your life and your dance this month?

Do you want to embody flowing grace?

Abandon your sense of self and completely surrender?

Dance on air like a fantasy creature?

Speak your truth and aim for the heart?

Be reborn as a goddess?

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest (link to the right) for more amazing imagery.