Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy 5-Year Anniversary Sequins & Shimmies!

With all the hustle and bustle of moving and traveling over this last summer, I missed the exact mark when it happened, but summer of 2016 marked my 5-year anniversary of writing this blog. Wow, five years flew by like that! To mark the occasion I thought I would highlight some of my personal favorite posts, as well as reader favorites, over the past five years. (Please note that to read any of the articles linked below please click on the written title, not the picture.)

Popularity Awards
To this day, my post on mahragan music remains the most popular, most viewed, and most shared post I've ever written on this blog. Followed closely by my post on Aging and Belly Dance, and then by the guest post by Azya' Michelle on designing costumes.

Study Materials for New Dancers
One aspect I've tried to incorporate into the blog are articles that allow newer dancers to delve further into the world of belly dance. It's been my intention that these posts provide valuable information that is needed to gain a complete picture of this dance form and to become an overall well-rounded dancer. Some of my favorite posts in this regard are:

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Let's Debate
Various aspects of belly dance can be controversial, citing lengthy online debates among members of the community. Rather than shy away from such topics, I've enjoyed exploring them. Here are some posts on topics that sometimes get some feathers riled up. 

Get Your Head Right
A big part of being a performer is achieving the right mindset to perform and emote to your fullest potential. I've written a number of articles on getting your headspace figured out because this has always been the aspect of performance that is the most challenging for me, as I imagine it is for many others as well. Here are a few posts on cultivating the mental clarity and space you need to perform to your fullest potential. 

I'm had the honor to interview various dancers amongst the belly dance community. While each and every interview has been valued and shared with love, I've selected a few personal favorites where I feel the interviewee shared some very valuable insights.

In Summary
It's been a fun five-years of writing. As I've gone along, I've learned as well; forever both a student and a teacher. To my readers, I extend a heartfelt thank you. I know taht there is so much material out there available online to read. The fact that you choose to spend some of that time with me is deeply honored and appreciated. In summary, I think there's one post that sums it all up: