Interviewee Info

Hello and thank you for your consideration of being interviewed for my blog, Sequins & Shimmies!  Please note that at this time, being an interviewee is by invitation only.  If you have been contacted regarding being interviewed, please read the information below to better understand the interview process.

  1. Interviews can be conducted either in person or over the phone.  Interviews are setup for a mutually agreed-upon date and time. 
  2. How long the interview takes can vary and really depends on you as the interviewee and how much you have to say.   I typically have around seven questions that I intend to ask during the interview.  I've had interviews take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. 
  3. You must either provide two pictures of yourself, or give permission for pictures to be copied from your website for inclusion in the published post.  You must also provide a short bio of around four to six sentences, which can include links back to your website and advertising blurbs for upcoming offerings.
  4. Interviewees do not receive compensation.  I don't receive compensation for writing the blog either.  But please see #3 above for how the post will help promote you and your events.
  5. After the interview is completed, I will prepare a draft post of the interview and will email it to you for your review before it is published.  This allows the interviewee to ensure that they have been appropriately interpreted and represented before the post goes live.  If I do not hear back from you with any edits within seven days of receiving the draft post, this means you have given your consent for its publication as is.
  6. While linking back to and sharing your interview from your own website/blog/social media site is appropriate, and encouraged, it is kindly requested that you refrain from reproducing the article in its entirely on any other website or any other media. Why? Because when you are being interviewed, we are working as team sharing a common platform (this blog), and therefore it is asked that you respectfully use only this platform for promoting this specific piece.
  7. All written portions of published interviews become the copyright of Alessandra Dance.