Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Star Power: The Dynamic Diva Darina

I love gaining inspiration from belly dancers across the world. One dancer who's been a fairly recent rise to fame is the Ukrainian dancer, Darina Konstantinova, or as known on stage, Diva Darina. Darina has certainly been making a name for herself in the international belly dance scene, although I feel perhaps she's still not that well known in the Pacific Northwest. Well, no better way to get to know a dancer than to watch her dance, so let's just jump right in!

First video. I love this performance because it highlights Darina's dramatic style, superb technique, and strong stage presence. Her choreography keeps it interesting, textured, and nuanced by layering sensual fluid movement with sharp, crisp accents. She tops it off with with unique turns, poses, and head/hair movements. As she gets into her drum solo (starts at 4:05), you can really see the power and control behind her hip shimmies. And man, can that girl pop and lock (see 4:25)! Really, watch the drum solo. Just do it. I know as belly dancers we've seen probably thousands at this point, but this one is worth it. I promise.

Here's another one highlighting many of her signature moves; sharp accents, controlled turns, and hair flips. As well as what seems to have become sexy, signature costuming for her. (Anyone know who the designer is?)

And finally, this one, which is actually my favorite. It's not a performance, it's just her playing around in the studio, but man, I could watch this all day! I think this is probably the best belly dance fusion I've ever seen.

You can follow along with Darina at her YouTube Channel or on Instagram