Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I Love

My latest favorite discoveries and obsessions:

1. Gorgeous vintage jewelry finds at the Fremont Sunday Market. A belly dancer's dream come true!

2. Yellow Leaf cupcakes in Belltown. My new go-to spot for heavenly dessert. Not to mention that they have the most original cupcake flavors; can you say pancakes and bacon? Tomato soup anyone?

3. This breathtaking romantic view. Extra points to anyone who can tell me where this actually is!

4. And the view from my new office!

5. Show Pony - the designer consignment shop in Fremont. Didn't know this existed until last weekend. Scored two pairs of designer jeans for a price that would have only gotten me half a pair of jeans at Nordstrom.

6. Any season of HBO's True Blood. Warning: it's addicting. Sit down to watch one episode and five hours later you're wondering what happened.

7. Diva Dollz - the vintage clothing and lingerie boutique in Pioneer Square. Talk about old Hollywood glamour. Look like you just stepped out of a scene from Mad Men. Love that the shop girls are dressed the part, including winged eyeliner and beehives.

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