Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love Your Body

As a young girl I remember my mother stating that a woman's golden age is 25.  I can hear her lamenting over wrinkles and a post-baby body.  I recall her remarking with envy at the tiny waists of waif-like 20-somethings and stating that older women become invisible.  In short, from an early age, I was taught that a woman's value is defined by her outward beauty.

My mother was not a bad parent; she was simply a product of our society, as so many of us are – obsessing over what we see in the mirror.  And frankly ladies, it needs to stop.  We have so many more valuable things to be doing with our time and energy.

So what is the solution?  We need to stop buying into the ideas that mainstream media is selling us.  We need to unplug and instead surround ourselves with the people, activities, companies, and products that promote a healthy and balanced image of what it is to be female.  Find an activity that inspires and empowers you – surfing, belly dancing, aerial trapeze, yoga, whatever ignites your inner fire.  Find your tribe of like-minded women who build you up.  Stop dissecting what you see in the mirror and love yourself, exactly as you are, right now.  Stop waiting, life is too short.  Take back your power.

As I approach my 30th birthday this year, five years past my "golden age", I intend to celebrate.  My age and my appearance, do not define me.  I do. 

Picture Credit: Women's Natural Health Center

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