Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Manifest Magic

Hello 2018! And I do sincerely mean that, because I love the feeling of a fresh start, and there's practically nothing I like more than setting new goals and intentions and working out the action steps on how to achieve them.

Thus, I always start the first post of the new year off with a little look into my over-arching theme, goals, and dreams for the new year.

My theme for 2018 is Manifest Magic. To me this really signifies tapping into the energy of the Universe and the connected nature of all life, as well as my own intuition and guiding light. It means harnessing the power of the lunar energy and my spirit guides to make conscious decisions, claiming my own personal power, and crafting goals and dreams that align with my highest calling. And to execute those goals like a boss.

I've been working with manifesting on the monthly New Moon for some time now, so it's definitely a practice I plan to continue with. For me personally, I both believe and have experienced the incredible power of putting what you out into the Universe, and watching the Universe conspire to make it so, assuming you follow it up with action. That's key: you also have to put the work in. But you can really maximize your results when you take the time to set the right intentions and lay the best possible foundation for your endeavors to flourish from.

I've also been working with the power of crystals. Full disclosure: I sleep with a rose quartz and a moonstone under my pillow every night and have definitely seen the changes it's brought into my life. And I have a collection of other crystals at home. Additionally, I've been reading my tarot cards for probably over a decade now and using their insights to make empowered decisions.

But I'm ready to step all of that up. So here's my 2018 looks like to me:
  1. Step up my new moon manifesting by connecting with a like-minded tribe of women each month. I'm looking into doing this with the Numinous Moon Club
  2. Further explore the power of crystals, as well as the association between tarot and astrology, especially in the context of the Major Arcana. One resource I will be using for is the book Crystal Muse. By the way, I'm feeling it's time to start working with a new tarot deck. If anyone has suggestions on decks they like, please let me know! 
  3. Find an agent and a publisher for my recently completed novel, because I do firmly believe that being an author is my purpose in life and my highest calling.
I know, I know, for some that might all sound very woo-woo. But hey, it works for me. It's what's lighting me up right now and calling my name, so I'm going to get after it. To each her own. 

In addition to my directly Manifest Magic related goals, I also have a few other projects for the year that I want to bring to fruition. They are:
  1. Learn to belly dance on goblets
  2. Head to Austin to visit a close friend and check out the SXSW scene
  3. Complete the Tone It Up 5-Day Detox
  4. Compete in a belly dance competiion
  5. Read a poem at a poetry slam (frightening!) 
  6. Work on my splits with Action Jacquelyn
  7. Complete the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Challenge
  8. Make a unicorn headdress
  9. Do some fun, crazy photo shoots (can you say Vikings on horseback?!)
  10. Get out in nature with some combination of glamping and/or backpacking
Well, those are the highlights. I'm definitely amped up for the new year. I'm ready to create some magic, light it on fire, and watch that shit sparkle.

Happy New Year everyone! Remember, what you seek is seeing you, so go get it. 

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