Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ring in Spring

Happy Ostara! Also known as the first day of spring. If you are here in Seattle, it may not feel like spring (hello snow last weekend!). But then all the more reason to ring in spring with one or all of these ideas.

1. Nab a bouquet of daffodils or tulips. These traditional flowers of spring will brighten any home or work space.

2. Dance. Traditionally marking the passage of time and ushering in the new, dance has always been a part of rituals. Doesn't mean however that you have to do a traditional dance. Put on whatever music moves you and shake it!

3. Take a walk. Leave your desk, the couch, your car, and be outside in nature. Smell the fresh spring air. Listen to the birds. Stop at a park and swing on the swings. Smile at puppies. Skip. Laugh.

4. Decorate Ostara eggs. The original Easter egg, a tradition of celebrating the return of spring was decorating eggs, as they were thought to be a symbol of the Universe, with the shell representing earth, the membrane representing air, the yolk fire, and the white water. Don't have time to decorate eggs? Then how about just eating a chocolate one?

5. Plant. Time to discover your green thumb. Buy a packet of seeds, plant them in an indoor pot, sit them on a windowsill, water, and watch them grow. See, easy-peasy!

6. Scent your home with lavendar. Put it in your eye pillow, bath tub, or just put a few sprigs on a bedside table to smell as you drift off to slumber.

7. Be a goddess. An original festival celebrating the power of the goddess and in turn, of women, embody this day. Whatever that means for you.

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