Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tea Time!

I recently hosted a Charitea - a tea party benefiting a non-profit. If you'd like to host your own tea party here are a few tips:
1. Tell guests that tea party attire (aprons, gloves, pearls, tiaras, feather boas, etc.) is strongly encouraged. Tea tastes better with accessories!
2. Serve multiple types of tea - black, green, white, and herbal. Be sure to label them so attendees know which is which.
3. Decorate with tulips and as much official tea time dishware you can find - tea pots, cups and saucers, three tiered serving trays, creamer and sugar, and petite dishes. You can find a lot of this on etsy.com.
4. Serve small finger-foods, such as tea sandwiches, scones, and mini cupcakes.
5. Pick a charity and ask guests to make a small donation. My selected charity was Friends of Maiti Nepal. You can make a donation here.
5. Give out gift bags to guests as a thank for you attending and for making a donation. Possible items to include are tea bags, tea candles, eye masks, and other small goodies.

1 comment:

  1. beautiful! looks like a fabulous event. so glad you made it happen - and with such flair! x