Monday, April 18, 2011

Green and Gorgeous

April is National Earth Month. I know we're all super-busy with daily life, but here's a few easy tips for being gorgeously green:

1. Recycle batteries rather than throwing them in trash. You can recycle them at almost all Bartell Drug's - just take them to the photo/electronics counter.

2. Shop local and/or organic. Seattle has a ton of farmer's markets, so it's pretty easy to find one close to you. Not only will the food you're eating be fresher, tastier, and free of icky chemicals, but you'll also be supporting local small business owners and cutting down on pollution from not having to ship food in from thousands of miles away. To find one near you, click here.

3. Buy a reusable alumnimum water bottle, rather than using a new plastic one every time. Papaya Art has some of my favorites.

4. Get off junk mailing lists. Rather than just instantly tossing those catalogues that you don't want, just never get them in the first place. You can also opt out of credit card offers, donation solicitations, and more. Create an account to manage your preferences at the DMA Choice website.

5. Wash your clothes in cold water. Not only is it better on the environment, but it will lower your heating bill and it's gentler on your clothing, especially bright colors.

Have more tips of your own? Leave a comment!

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