Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pick a Theme For the New Year

Beginning a few years back, I started picking a theme for my new year and letting my resolutions and goals for the new year stem organically from that theme. Let me just say, I love starting my new year this way - with an overarching idea of how I want my new year to look and feel. But before I share my theme for 2011, let me take a moment to reflect on 2010.
My theme for 2010 was "Fortune Favors the Bold", with the emphasis really being on boldness - on knowing what you want and going for it with gusto. Ignoring the naysayers and shaping my life to my own terms. With boldness in mind, here's what I managed to accomplish during 2010:
  1. I spent a month in Greece, split between Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and Lesvos.
  2. I attended a belly dance retreat and received my teaching certification.
  3. I participated in two belly dance competitions.
  4. I interviewed with LA Fitness and was hired on the spot.
  5. I asked for a raise, with positive response.
  6. I auditioned for Fresh Fitness and Dance in Wallingford, and starting in January I will be one of the studio's instructors.
  7. I officially organized my belly dancing activities into a viable business, including obtaining my business license.
  8. I designed and launched my website.
Whew! And this was all while I worked my normal 40+ hours per week day job, dealt with multiple car accidents, assisted with caring for a sick family member, and all the other nuances of daily life. It was a busy year!
Which is what is inspiring my theme for the 2011. As 2010 was so much about doing and accomplishing, 2011 is going to be about relaxing and enjoying life. Less doing, more being. I hereby officially announce my theme for 2011 to be "Celebrate and Sparkle"! Here's what a year dedicated to "Celebrate and Sparkle" looks like for me:

1. Wear more sequins - because they are fun and sparkle (duh). As a belly dancer, I think it's a prerequisite that you have a fascination with sequins. For me, this is really about dressing authentically and using style to express my individuality on a daily basis. In honor of this, I just bought this dress from Asos!

2. Buy more lingerie - because it's frivolous, feminine, and flirty. This is a natural extension for a year that is about indulgence.

3. Dance with abandon - this year I want to take my performances to the next level. I want to allow myself to be vulnerable and to exhibit my heartfelt joy during each performance. My goal is to really connect with my audience and make them forget they are sitting in their seats.

4. Get a monthly facial and massage - because self-care is important and it's vital to take the time out from busy schedules to nurture, relax, and rejuvenate.

5. Travel to England - my heart aches when I'm not exploring new countries. England is the selected country for this year so that I can visit one of my best friends, explore the English countryside, traipse through medieval castles, marvel at the art and architecture, and linger over afternoon tea.
6. Get feather extensions - it's the latest trend in hair fashion and Seattle's local Swink salon is offering this service.

7. Indulge in fresh flowers - because it's important to stop and smell the roses, especially since we all spend so much time indoors and away from nature. Thus on a weekly basis, I'll be bringing nature in to meet me.

Ready to set your own theme for 2011? Here's a couple resources to get you going:
I wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year! May 2011 bring you abundance, blessings, and joy.

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  1. I love it! You are so inspiring! Now I want a theme (and incorporate sparkles too. who doesn't love them!)